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ESD S1.1:1998—Evaluation, acceptance, and functional testing of wrist straps.

ESD STM2.1:1997—Resistance test method for electrostatic discharge protective garments.

ESD STM3.1:2000—Ionization.

ESD SP3.3:2000—Periodic verification of air ionizers.

ESD S4.1:1997—Worksurfaces—Resistance measurements.

ESD STM4.2:1998—Worksurfaces—Charge dissipation characteristics.

ESD STM5.1:1998—Electrostatic discharge sensitivity testing—Human body model.

ESD STM5.2:1999—Electrostatic discharge sensitivity testing—Machine model.

ESD STM5.3.1:1999—Charged device model (CDM)—Component level.

ESD S6.1:1999—Grounding—Recommended practice.

ANSI ESD S7.1:1994—Floor materials—Resistive characterization of materials.

ANSI ESD S8.1:1993—ESD awareness symbols.

ESD S9.1:1995—Resistive characterization of footwear.

ESD SP10.1:2000—Automated handling equipment.


ANSI ESD S11.11:1993—Surface resistance measurement of static dissipative planar materials.

ESD STM11.12:2000—Volume resistance measurement of static dissipative planar materials.

ANSI ESD S11.31:1994—Evaluating the performance of electrostatic discharge shielding bags.

ESD STM12.1:1997—Seating-resistive characterization.

ESD STM13.1:2000—Electrical soldering/desoldering hand tools.

ANSI ESD S20.20:1999—Standard for the development of an ESD control program.

ESD STM97.1:1999—Floor materials and footwear—Resistance in combination with a person.

ESD STM97.2:1999—Floor materials and footwear voltage measurement in combination with a person.

AFLCR 65-8:1998—Maintenance—Engineering and supply: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) control program.

ANSI C63.14:1998—American national standard dictionary for technologies of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and electrostatic discharge (ESD)—Dictionary of EMC/EMP/ESD terms and definitions.

ANSI C63.16:1993—American national standard guide for electrostatic discharge test methodologies and criteria for electronic equipment.

ANSI N322:1997—American national standard inspection, test, construction, and performance requirements for direct reading electrostatic/electroscope–type dosimeters.

ANSI T1.308:1996—Central office equipment—Electrostatic discharge immunity requirements.

ASQ P672:1996—Auditing ESD and cleanroom processes.

ASTM D257-78—Standard test methods for dc resistance or conductance of insulating materials.

ASTM D991-83—Standard test method for rubber properties—Volume resistivity of electrically conductive and antistatic products.

ASTM D5077-90:1997—Standard terminology relating to electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging materials.

ASTM E1549-95:2000—Standard specification for ESD-controlled garments required in cleanrooms and controlled environments for spacecraft for nonhazardous and hazardous operations.

ASTM F150-98—Standard test method for electrical resistance of conductive and static dissipative resilient flooring.

ASTM F1812-97a—Standard test method for determining the effectiveness of membrane switch ESD shielding.


Bellcore GR-1421-CORE:1995—Generic requirements for ESD-protective circuit packet containers.

BS 6654:1985—Method for determination of the electrical resistivity of textile floor coverings.

BS EN 100015-2:1994—Basic specification—Protection of electrostatic-sensitive devices—Requirements for low-humidity conditions.

BS EN 100015-3:1994—Basic specification—Protection of electrostatic-sensitive devices—Requirements for cleanroom areas.

BS EN 100015-4:1994—Basic specification—Protection of electrostatic-sensitive devices—Requirements for high-voltage environments.

BS EN 1149-1:1996—Protective clothing—Electrostatic properties—Surface resistivity (test methods and requirements).

BS EN 1149-2:1997—Protective clothing—Electrostatic properties—Test method for measurement of the electrical resistance through a material (vertical resistance).

BS EN 1718:1999—Light conveyor belts—Test method for the measurement of the electrostatic field generated by a running light conveyor belt.

DI-ATTS-80285B:1997—Engineering support data (ESD).

DI-RELI-80669:1992—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) control program flag.

DI-RELI-80671:1992—Handling procedures for electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive items.

EIA 471:1980—Symbol and label for electrostatic sensitive devices.

EIA 541:1988—Packaging material standards for ESD-sensitive items.

EIA 541:1990—Packaging of electronic products for shipment.

EIA 545:1989—Electromechanical switch test method for electrostatic discharge (ESD).

EIA 625—Handling electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) devices.

EIA-JEP 108—Distributor requirements for handling electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) devices.

EOS/ESD EP102:1988—Electrostatic discharge and electronic equipment: A practical guide for designing to prevent ESD problems.

EOS/ESD EP103:1990—ESD program management: A realistic approach to continuous, measurable improvement in static control.

EOS/ESD EP105:1995—ESD in silicon integrated circuits.

ESD 1:2000—General practices for ESD control for MR and GMR heads.


IEC 60801-2:1991—Electromagnetic compatibility for industrial-process measurement and control equipment—Electrostatic discharge requirements.

IEC 61000-4-2:1995—Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)—Part 4: Testing and measurement techniques—Section 2: Electrostatic discharge immunity test.

IEC 61000-4-2:1999—Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)—Part 4-2: Testing and measurement techniques—Electrostatic discharge immunity test.

IEC 61087:1991—Guide for evaluating the discharges from a charged surface.

IEC 61340-1:1998—Electrostatics—Part 1: Guide to the principles of electrostatic phenomena (IEC/101/35/CD).

IEC 61340-2-2 TR3:2000—Electrostatics—Part 2-2: Measurement methods—Measurement of chargeability.

IEC 61340-2-3:2000—Electrostatics—Part 2-3: Methods of test for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation.

IEC 61340-3-1:1998—Electrostatics—Part 3-1: Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects—Human body model (HBM)—Component testing (IEC/101/33/CD).

IEC 61340-3-2:1998—Electrostatics—Part 3-2: Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects—Machine model (MM)—Component testing (IEC/101/34/CD).

IEC 61340-4-1:1995—Electrostatics—Part 4: Standard test methods for specific applications—Section 1: Electrostatic behavior of floor coverings and installed floors.

IEC 61340-4-3:1999—Test method for the characterization of electrostatic protective footwear (IEC document 101/62/CD)IEC 61340-5-1 TR2:1998—Electrostatics—Part 5-1: Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena—General requirements.

IEC 61340-5-2 TR2:1999—Electrostatics—Part 5-2: Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena—User guide.

IEC/PAS 62162:2000—Field-induced charged-device model test method for electrostatic discharge withstand thresholds of microelectronic components.

IEC/PAS 62179:2000—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity testing human body model (HBM).

IEC/PAS 62180:2000—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity testing machine model (MM).

IEEE C62.38:1994 (R1999)—IEEE guide on electrostatic discharge (ESD)—ESD withstand capability evaluation methods (for electronic equipment subassemblies).


IEEE C62.47:1992—IEEE guide on electrostatic discharge (ESD)—Characterization of the ESD environment.

ISO/DIS 10605:2000—Road vehicles—Test methods for electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge.

ISO/TR 10605:1994—Road vehicles—Electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge.

JESD 22-A114-B:2000—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity testing human body model (HBM).

JESD 22-A115-A:1997—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity testing machine model (MM).

JESD 22-C101-A:2000—Field-induced charged-device model test method for electrostatic discharge withstand thresholds of microelectronic components.

MIL-PRF-87893B:1997—Workstation—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) control.

QPL-87893-1:1995—Workstation electrostatic discharge (ESD) control.

RAC SOAR 6:1986—ESD control in the manufacturing environment.

SAE J551/15:1995—Vehicle electromagnetic immunity—Electrostatic discharge (ESD).


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