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Eutectic Die Attach Balling


Figure 1. Normal Eutectic Die Attach (left) versus Contaminated Eutectic Die Attach (Balling Exhibited)


Normal eutectic die attach formation exhibits a lamellar structure when inspected with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), as shown in the left portion of Figure 1.


Figure 1's right portion shows a type of eutectic die attach problem known as eutectic balling. When this phenomenon occurs, the die attach operator usually experiences difficulty in scrubbing the eutectic die attach, and therefore has problems forming an even distribution of the die attach material under the die. The lamellar structure exhibited by normal die attach formation is absent in gross cases of eutectic balling.


Eutectic balling is often caused by the presence of contaminants such as silicon oxides in the die attach preform used for eutectic die attach. 


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