CBGA - Ceramic Ball Grid Array


The Ceramic Ball Grid Array, or CBGA, is a square-shaped or rectangular ceramic package that uses solder balls for external electrical connection instead of leads.  These solder balls are arranged in a grid or array at the bottom of the ceramic package body, hence the name 'ceramic ball grid array'.  Actually, the CBGA is just one of several types of the BGA package.


Typical CBGA's have ball counts that range from 9 to 324, although CBGA's with more balls do exist. In fact, the new and smaller CBGA version known as the μCBGA can come with more than a thousand solder balls.


Ball pitch (distance between solder balls) values typically used by the CBGA package are 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm, while a μCBGA commonly uses a ball pitch of  0.4 mm.  Solder ball arrangement patterns used by the CBGA can be one of these three:  perimeter, staggered, or full grid array.  Typical CBGA body sizes range from 4 mm square to 35 mm square.


Table 1. Properties of Some CBGA's


No. of Balls

Body Size

Body Thickness

Ball Pitch



4.5 mm x 7.0 mm

1.04 mm

1.0 mm



6.85 mm x 6.85 mm

2.9 mm

0.8 mm



9 mm x 9 mm

1.2 mm

0.8 mm



4 mm x 4 mm

1 mm

0.4 mm



6 mm x 6 mm

1 mm

0.4 mm


Figure 1.  Example of a CBGA from Amkor


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