CPGA - Ceramic Pin Grid Array


The Ceramic Pin Grid Array, or CPGA, is a square or rectangular through-hole ceramic package whose pins or leads are arranged in a square array at the bottom of the package body. The CPGA can either have a frit-sealed ceramic lid or a solder-sealed metal lid.


Figure 1.  Example of the CPGA


The CPGA is just one of several types of the PGA package. The PGA is a popular choice for devices with high I/O counts such as microprocessors because of its high pin density.


Typical CPGA's have pin counts that range from 28 to 476, although CPGA's with more pins do exist. The pins in a CPGA are usually spaced 100 mils (approx. 2.54 mm) apart. Note that the rows of pins in some high-density CPGA's are arranged on a staggered basis, i.e., a row is offset by 1.27 mm (1/2 of the lead pitch) with respect to its adjacent rows.


The CPGA can either be directly soldered onto a through-hole PCB or used with a PGA socket.

Table 1. Properties of Some CPGA's

No. of Pins

Body Size

Body Thickness

Pad Pitch


14.0 mm x 16.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.54 mm


19.3 mm x 19.3 mm

2.8 mm

2.54 mm


20.3 mm x 20.3 mm

2.4 mm

2.54 mm


27.9 mm x 27.9 mm

2.4 mm

2.54 mm


34.5 mm x 34.5 mm

2.5 mm

2.54 mm


50 mm x 50 mm

2.7 mm

2.54 mm


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