CQFP - Ceramic Quad Flat Pack


The Ceramic Quad Flat Pack, or CQFP, is a ceramic IC package with leads extending from all four sides of the package body. CQFP's are predominantly square in shape, although rectangular variants do exist. The CQFP is just one of the many types of the quad flat pack (QFP) package.


The CQFP comes in many body sizes, with lead counts typically ranging from 28 to 352. Lead pitch values used by CQFP's range from 0.5 mm to 1.27 mm. Typical CQFP body thickness varies from 1.27 mm to 4 mm.


Table 1. Properties of some CQFP's

No. of Pins

Body Size  

Body Thickness

(incl. heat slug) 

Lead Pitch 


10.16  mm x 10.16 mm

1.78 mm

1.27 mm


11.5 mm x 11.5 mm

2.64 mm

0.635 mm


31 mm x 31 mm

3.5 mm

0.65 mm


32 mm x 32 mm

3.25 mm

0.50 mm


76.2 mm x 76.2 mm

3.80 mm

0.635 mm


Figure 1.  Example of a CQFP


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