D3PAK - Decawatt Package 3


The Decawatt Package 3, or D3PAK, is a bigger version of the D2PAK package. Just like the D2PAK (and the DPAK, the D2PAK's predecessor), the D3PAK is a surface-mount plastic-molded package intended for high-power discrete devices.  The D3PAK is also known by other names such as 'TO-268' and 'Discrete Package 3'.


The D3PAK has a flat heat sink at the back for high power dissipation.  D3PAKs typically has 3 terminals. The typical D3PAK body dimensions are shown in Table 1. The long terminals of the D3PAK are usually 150 to 155 mils in length. The terminal pitch (distance between terminals) of the D3PAK is usually 215 mils.


Table 1. Properties of a Typical D3PAK

No. of Terminals

Body Size incl. Heatsink

Body Thickness

Total Length incl. Leads

Terminal Pitch


630 mils x 590  mils

198 mils

745 mils

215 mils


Figure 1.  Example of a 3-terminal D3PAK


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