DFN - Dual Flat No Leads


The Dual Flat No Leads package, or DFN, is a very small square-shaped or rectangular surface-mount plastic package with no leads.


Metal pads or lands along two sides of the bottom of the DFN package serve as electrical connection points to the outside world.  The DFN is similar to the QFN, except that the latter has lands all around the periphery of the package instead of just two sides like the DFN.


Because the DFN has no leads and has shorter bond wire lengths, it provides a higher electrical performance than leaded packages due to less inductance.


DFN packages usually have pad counts that range from 3 to 32.  The typical DFN body size has a length that ranges from 2 mm to 7 mm.  DFN pad pitch (distance between pads) typically ranges from 0.5 mm or 0.95 mm.  A thinner version of the DFN exists and is known as the TDFN.


Table 1. Properties of Some Examples of DFN's

Part Number

No. of Pins

Body Size

Body Thickness

Pad Pitch



3 mm x 3 mm

0.9 mm

0.95 mm



2 mm x 3 mm

0.9 mm

0.50 mm



4 mm x 4 mm

0.9 mm

0.65 mm



1.6 mm x 4 mm

0.80 mm

0.50 mm


Figure 1.  Top and bottom views of a DFN package


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