ISO 14000 Series of Standards


The ISO 14000 Series is a set of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization relating to management of environmental issues and concerns. It consists of 7 major groups, each of which has a set of 14000 standards under it. These seven major groups and their corresponding standards are shown in Table 1.





Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

ISO 14001
ISO 14004
ISO/TR 14061
ISO 14063

Environmental Auditing (EA)

ISO 14010
ISO 14011
ISO 14012
ISO 14015
ISO 19011

Environmental Labeling (EL)

ISO 14020
ISO 14021
ISO 14024
ISO/TR 14025

Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE)

ISO 14031
ISO/TR 14032

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

ISO 14040
ISO 14041
ISO 14042
ISO 14043
ISO/TR 14047
ISO/TS 14048
ISO/TR 14049

Environmental Management Vocabulary

ISO 14050

Environmental Aspects in Product Standards

ISO/TR 14062
ISO 14064
ISO Guide 64


Table 1. The 7 Major Groups of ISO 14000


Benefits of Having an Environmental Management System (EMS)

- It allows the organization to manage its environment systematically.

- It promotes health and safety and provides protection from environmental hazards.

- It establishes good public/community relations.

- It improves resource management and reduces wastes

- It minimizes environmental costs


Five Steps for ISO14000 Implementation

1)  Definition of the organization's environmental policy

2)  Planning of the organization's environmental activities to support the policy

3)  Implementation of the organization's environmental plans/programs

4)  Monitoring of the implementation of the environmental plans/programs and correction of non-conformances

5)  Management review of the organization's environmental policy and programs


Seven Steps for EMS (ISO 14001) Certification

1)  Enquiry

2)  Application

3)  Preliminary Visit

4)  Assessment

5)  Certification

6)  Surveillance

7)  Recertification (every 3 years)


See Also:  Environmental Management System (EMS); The ISO 9000 Standard

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