CLCC or LCC - Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier                   


The Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier, or CLCC or LCC, is a square or rectangular surface-mount ceramic package that has no leads.  For electrical connection to the outside world, the LCC instead uses flat metal contacts (or metallized castellations) known as pads around the four sides of the package bottom.


Typical LCC's have pad counts that range from 8 to 84, although LCC's with 100 or more pads do exist. An LCC's pad pitch (distance between pads) is typically either 50 mils or 40 mils.


The LCC can either be directly soldered onto the PCB or operated using a socket.

Table 1. Properties of Some LCC's

No. of Pads

Body Size

Body Thickness

Pad Pitch


200 mils x 200 mils

60 mils

50 mils


290 mils x 430 mils

60 mils

50 mils


450 mils x 450 mils

70 mils

50 mils


450 mils x 550 mils

70 mils

50 mils


650 mils x 650 mils

80 mils

50 mils


Figure 1.  Examples of the LCC


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