Semiconductor-related Videos



The Birth of Silicon Valley

Robert Noyce speaking in 1984

Intel's FAB 32 - a 45-nm Chip Factory

TI's Wafer Fab Technology


The Legacy of Fairchild Semiconductor

Integrating Organic Molecules into Semiconductors

Soft Errors in Semiconductor Devices

32-nm Chip Technology from an IBM-Led Alliance


iPhone Torn Apart to Show Chips Inside

How CCD IC's are Manufactured

Fairchild's 1967 Promotional Video

Bio-sensing Semiconductor Device


Animation of Silicon

Wafer Production

AMD's First 45-nm Chips

Infinera's Photonic Integrated Circuit

Intel's Silicon Photonics


Thin Film Solar Panels

2008 Interview with Gordon Moore

Ted Hoff - Inventor of the Microprocessor

IBM's Hydrocluster Technology


A Video of the Wedge Bonding Process

Animation of a

Nanofactory in Action

A Video of the Die Attach Process




Introduction to MEMS

What are Semiconductors? - a Video Lecture




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