IC Packaging / Assembly Equipment Accessories and Tools


Semiconductor packaging/assembly equipment will not be able to do their functions without the various accessories and toolings that complement them.


Wafer saw equipment use circular diamond blades to cut wafers into individual dice.  Wafer frames are used to support the wafer tape, one side of which is a sticky surface that holds the wafer during sawing.


Die attach equipment use various die attach tools to mount the die on the die pad. They use ejector needles to eject every sawn die from the wafer tape, while tools known as die attach collets or pick-up tools are used to pick the dice by vacuum and to position them for mounting on the die pad or cavity.  The epoxy on the die pad and substrate are deposited by epoxy dispensing tools or epoxy stamping tools.


Wirebonding equipment use axial-symmetric ceramic tools called 'capillaries' for thermosonic ball bonding.  For wedge bonding, wedge-shaped tools called, well, ' wedges' are used.  Wedges are normally composed of tungsten carbide or titanium carbide. Capillaries have vertical feed holes (holes where the bonding wires enter) while wedges have angled feed holes at the bottom.  See wirebonding tools for more details.


Mold presses must be equipped with mold dies in order to perform its plastic encapsulation function.  The main parts of a mold die are its mold chases and cavity bars.


DTFS equipment use a wide assortment of blades, punches, anvils, inserts, and other precisely machined metal toolings for their cutting and punching functions.


The pad printing process used for ink marking uses a stamp pad made of silicone rubber to mark the package. This stamp pad in turn gets its ink patterns from an ink plate that contains depressions filled with ink.


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