Boxing and Labeling


Boxing and Labeling, as the name implies, is the process of packing the lot (a group of devices built under a single process cycle as one batch) in its final box and attaching the required lot identification labels for storage in the finished goods warehouse or  shipment to the customer.  


Boxing and labeling procedures and materials differ from company to company, customer to customer, or even  package to package.  For the most part though, units either go into tubes or reels. 


For units in tubes, the tubes are often simply arranged neatly inside boxes that are just a little longer than the tubes.  The number of tubes put in the box depends on the size of the box and tubes.  The tubes are topped with enough dunnage paper to keep them from moving around before the box is sealed. 


Boxing of units in reels is even simpler, with each reel simply put inside a reel box.  All required labels are put on the reel prior to keeping it in the reel box.  


Boxes are generally sealed across the flaps with paper gum tape. The necessary labels are put on the boxes prior to storage or shipment. Labels often contain the product name, the lot quantity, the lot ID, and the country of assembly.


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