XDFN - Extremely Thin Dual Flat No Leads


The Extremely Thin Dual Flat No Leads package, or XDFN, is a very small and thin square-shaped or rectangular surface-mount plastic package with no leads. Instead of leads, it uses metal pads along two sides of the package body for electrical connection to the outside world.  It is basically a thinner version of the ultra thin dual flat no leads (UTDFN) package.


The body thickness of a typical XDFN package has a maximum value of 0.4 mm. The pad pitch (distance between pads) used by XDFN packages is usually either 0.4 mm or 0.5 mm. 


Table 1. Properties of Some Examples of XDFN's

No. of Pads

Body Size

Body Thickness

Pad Pitch


1.8 mm x 2.2 mm

0.40 mm

0.4 mm


2 mm x 3 mm

0.40 mm

0.5 mm


Figure 1.  Example of an XDFN package


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