FBGA - Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array


The Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array, or FPBGA or FBGA, is a smaller version of the ball grid array (BGA) package. As in all BGA packages, FBGA's use solder balls that are arranged in a grid or array at the bottom of the package body for external electrical connection.  However, the FBGA is near-chip-scale in size, with a smaller and thinner body than the  standard BGA package. As its name implies, it also features a finer ball pitch (smaller distance between balls).


Typical FBGA's have ball counts that range from 25 to 529 solder balls. The typical FBGA ball pitch is 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm, although thinner versions of the FBGA such as the TFBGA and the VFBGA can have ball pitches that are as low as 0.4 mm. A typical FBGA is about 1.3 mm to 1.7 mm thick.

Table 1. Properties of Some FBGA's

No. of Balls

Body Size

Package Height

(incl. solder balls)

Ball Pitch


7 mm x 7 mm

1.4 mm

0.8 mm


10 mm x 10 mm

1.5 mm

0.8 mm


9 mm x 9 mm

1.5 mm

0.8 mm


11 mm x 11 mm

1.4 mm

0.8 mm


15 mm x 17 mm

1.3 mm

1.0 mm


Figure 1.  Top and bottom views of an example of a Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)


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