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Assembly Forum


What is 'Popcorn Cracking'?

Removing Contaminants from the Die Surface

Resolving Ball Lifting Issues

Causes of Lifted Ball Bonds

EDX Analysis of Bond Pad Contaminants

Effects of and Measuring Die Backside Roughness

Effects of Molding Compound on SOIC Delamination

Backside Chipping due to Wafer Saw

Silicon Dust from Wafer Saw

TSOP Singulation / Test / Tape and Reel

PQFN Package Cracking after Temp Cycle

Eutectic Die Attach Temperature

Oxidation in 100% Matte Tin Lead Finish - C7025 Base

Chip Metallization

MSL Not Applicable to Hermetic Packages

Ceramic MCM Process Challenges


Test Forum


Test Handler Grounding

Open/Short and Leakage Testing

Site-to-Site Testing Correlation

Mysterious Opens/Shorts Failures

Can Electrical Testing Detect Sagging Wires?

My Boss Wants the Perfect Electrical Test


QA/FA/Rel Forum


Board-Level Drop Test-Induced Wedge Bond Heel Fracture Failures

Distinguishing ESD from EOS Failures

Die Attach Reliability Testing

Destructive Effects of IR Reflow

PCT Corrosion Failures

Decapsulation Dilemma - Melting Copper Wires

Equivalence of Rel Test Life to Actual Operating Life

Temperature Cycle Versus Thermal Shock

Accelerating Mobile Ion Migration: THB Versus HAST

Failure Analysis of Ball Shear Test Failures

Analyzing Open Pins Caused by a Wirebonding Problem

Reliability Assessment for a Cratering Issue

Failure Analysis Dilemma on a Single BGA Sample

Dendritic Growth After Autoclave Testing

Is HTS Redundant with the 85C/85%RH Soak Test?

Storage of Precon Samples Prior to Rel Testing

Analyzing High Temp Reverse Bias (HTRB) Burn-in Failures

Ultrasonic Cleaning Prior to Reliability Stressing

Computation of % Electrical Shift/Drift After Rel Testing

EDX Analysis Dead Time and Input Rate

Internal Void Monitoring using X-ray Radiography

TQM and Six Sigma

Process Flow for Subcontractor Qualification

Identifying Counterfeit IC's





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